Swedish Right-Wing Populists Expected To Double In European Parliament Elections

The ‘Sweden Democrats’ are rejecting all calls to bring back ISIS brides, and the public is responding as a result

The right-wing populist Sweden Democrats party is pushing back against globalism and open borders in a nation torn apart by third-world Muslim sh-tholers. Because they are standing for nationalism, it is resounding with the people before European Parliament elections.

A recent poll conducted by Sifo shows that the Sweden Democrats are polling at 18 percent. This is nearly double the support they received in the 2014 European Parliament elections, when they received 9.67 percent of the vote. This builds upon the momentum of last year’s national elections:

“We have increased our mandate in parliament and we see that we will have an immense influence on what is happening in Sweden in the next week, the next few months and the next few years,” SD leader Jimmie Åkesson told supporters after their history-making gains in 2018.

Åkesson expects to set even more records during this year’s European Parliament elections, as they oppose the latest social justice crusade to rehabilitate ISIS brides because of tolerance and diversity or something. They are standing staunchly against the latest globalist fad to cut at the heart of the West.

“If they choose to travel away to support the terrorist organisation Islamic State, in my opinion, they have used up all of their rights to call themselves Swedish. Then they should also not be a citizen,” Åkesson said.

“Returned Islamic State sympathisers represent a major security risk for Sweden. We must see the seriousness of this,” he added.

Because of common sense positions like this, the Swedish public is understanding who the extremists really are. Pro-leftist globalist parties in Sweden are suffering mightily as a result. Support for the Green Party has plummeted from their 2014 result of 15.4 percent to just 6.4 percent in the recent poll.

“In EU elections, there is much later voter decision than in other elections so much can happen until the election day in May. The important thing for the parties is to mobilise the voters who voted in the parliamentary election,” Sifo chief Toivo Sjörén said.

With the elections coming up in May, that gives the SD two more months to gain steam as the globalist experiment continues to fail. Sweden has certainly fallen to misery, but the situation is far from hopeless as populism offers another option than submission to Islam.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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