ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE: Big Brother Comes For Gab

The controlled marketplace is being fixed to choke out all dissident voices

As social media corporations become more restrictive, a market quickly is developing for competitors. One of the top competitors is Gab, a grassroots pro-free speech alternative to Twitter that is growing rapidly in prominence as the Orwellian crackdown worsens.

However, the media-industrial complex that is dominated by the Left will not allow market competition. The corporate machine, which relies on government favors in myriad ways, is ruthlessly executing total war on free speech. Citing the specious excuse of pornography on the platform as the reason, payment processor Stripe cut off Gab from using its services.

The soulless cheerleaders of the Orwellian nightmare on the Left are predictably cheering on this corporate censorship.

The administrators of Gab’s Twitter account outlined what is exactly happening here. It is a conspiracy of government and corporate actors working to unperson any individual who is to the political right of Karl Marx.

Stripe followed their despicable behavior up by targeting Nick Fuentes, alt media star who hosts the popular ‘America First’ program on YouTube.

The Orwellian nightmare has arrived. The free market no longer exists. Any libertarian or conservative who defends this purge is a tacit supporter of the Left’s war against freedom of speech (or is just too cowardly to speak up). It is past time for President Donald Trump to step in and stop this anti-American conspiracy before it is too late and our rights are lost forever!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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