James Gunn And Hollywood’s Pedophilia Problem

At what point is it no longer just a joke?

Disney has fired director James Gunn, who was set to helm the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, after right-wing activists Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec and their followers unearthed numerous appalling tweets which appeared to support or make light of pedophilia. Gunn’s tweets, which he purports to have been “provocative” jokes in very bad taste – from a period in his life which “does not reflect” who he is today – referenced obscene sexual acts and assaulting young children. Viewer discretion is advised:

This has since been followed by Dan Harmon, creator of “Rick and Morty,” deleting his twitter account after the surfacing of a “comedy sketch” so obscene and pedophilic that it does not bear describing (the Daily Caller’s summary can be read here).  Without explanation, Star Wars direction Rian Johnson has also deleted over 20,000 tweets.

Gunn was defended by his brother Sean – who, it turned out, had himself written similar things. Twitter users soon uncovered more tweets by comedians Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, and Anthony Jeselnik, and actor Ian Michael Black, all in the same vein. Again, examples can be seen below:

While Cernovich and Posobiec are hardly seen as exemplary figures by anyone in the dissident right movement from which they emerged (Cernovich has peddled proven fake news), in this case the imperfection of the messengers should not be allowed to obscure the unambiguous issues they brought to light. There is no denying the appalling nature of many of the tweets that have since been uncovered.

While this point seems obvious, it soon becomes apparent that it is not an irrelevant one to make. Gunn and others first attempted to defend their livelihoods by appealing to free speech. This has indeed been echoed by many well-meaning centrists, classical liberals, and libertarians.

The problem with this is that Reason’s statement that “there is no reason to suspect” that Gunn’s (and others’) tweets were anything other than “jokes” is an oddly categorical negative when taking into consideration all of the evidence referenced. Is that really the only possibility? Do those who defend Gunn expect that if he was a pedophile, he would have answered differently? That he would have ‘fessed up?

At some point, doesn’t the consistency of a statement, and the sheer weight of its inhuman obscenity, not suggest that it may have been more than a joke?

And so, interestingly, we return to politics. The free-speech defense and accusations of conservative hypocrisy ultimately seemed short-lived. The defenses of Gunn and others became political as soon as the story was picked up by mainstream sources. The Hill’s article referred to “far-right activists” in the title, priming their readership for a reaction… in defense of possible pedophiles.

Other articles tried to imply that the “racism” of right-wingers like those who uncovered the tweets was as bad, if not worse, as graphic “jokes” about pedophilia. Cernovich and Posobiec’s character was attacked (as noted, not without merit). And of course, it was noted that people like Gunn, Silverman, and Black were outspoken leftists, and critics of Donald Trump or the NRA. Indeed, Black himself seemed to imply, amazingly, that this was targeted backlash for him heroically peddling conspiracist and bigoted nonsense about the NRA.

And in retaliation, a petition was started (currently at over 240,000 signatures) to have Disney rehire Gunn.

And so, even if it could somehow be “proven” that all of the disgusting statements uncovered were “jokes,” the fact remains that the wagons were circled around the disgraced explicitly along political lines. Gunn, Black, others, and those defending them voluntarily chose to invoke political ideology in interpreting what was happening, attempting to solicit a reaction in their defense by implying that to criticize them was to identified oneself as “far right” and a hypocrite.

The reason this is so important to note is that it is not the first time it has happened. Facebook and Youtube, both bastions of institutionalized progressivism, displayed the exact same contrast. Earlier this year, Facebook blew up the headlines by somehow, “accidentally,” asking its users if they supported men asking children for sexual images. Youtube was plagued by borderline-pedophilic videos and channels seemingly targeted at kids, but with disturbing and perverted content; and search results which autofilled to ‘having sex with kids.’ This after both platforms cracked down on right-wing content out of unambiguous political bigotry.

In short, there is a pattern of the left voluntarily associating itself with pedophilia, opposed unambiguously by the centrist and hard right.

The dissident nationalist/populist right, in particular, sets its sites on leftist-dominated cultural institutions, such as tech or social media giants, the media, and Hollywood. The Gunn episode easily brings to mind Harvey Weinstein and the absolute deluge of accusations of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood which his downfall brought – not least among these, persistent accusations of pedophilia. Neither is it possible any longer to dismiss the latter as wild-eyed conspiracy theory – not since Kevin Spacey.

But the word which should dread Hollywood; overwhelmingly leftist and outspoken both in its brazen moral degeneracy and its devotion to progressive politics; the most, is complicity. Because at this point, it is beyond any doubt that the widespread abuse of women, men, and children could not possibly have been unknown, or known only to a select few. No, Hollywood is one gigantic, wholly rotting edifice, the pinnacle of the connection between leftism and absolute, unhinged moral degeneracy. Hollywood loves to pontificate, yet has no leg to stand on; should it surprise anyone that the cabal of profligates which still idolizes child rapist Roman Polanski is in fact an utter cesspool of moral hypocrisy?

Polanski is the evidence which has always been in front of our eyes.

While we’re at it, let’s not forget the final leftist institution which is a piece of this puzzle – the media. Again, Today’s Matt Lauer, CBS’s Charlie Rose, and NBC’s Mark Halperin are but a few names in another wave of accusations. And behind them, unquestionably, more complicity.

With all of this established, it should unnerve anyone to hear that last month, when the Sessions-led Department of Justice in conjunction with ICE arrested over 2,300 suspected child predators, Americans heard hardly a whimper from the mainstream media, especially on the left. Sources like the Hill, CNN, and the Washington Post stumble over each other to report on any possible stumble by Donald Trump – but apparently find no reason to report on a massive anti-child predator operation by the US government.


While it is fashionable to laugh off events like PizzaGate, the reality is that child trafficking and pedophilia are perhaps the best-kept secrets of the rich and powerful, and there is no denying that they exist. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory. It never was.

And it’s not a joke either.

Written by Kris Malysz

Kris Malysz is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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