Rep. Max Rose Heaps Praise On ‘Good Marketer’ Joey Salads, Calls Malliotakis ‘Total Joke’

Even the Democratic Congressman can’t deny Saladino’s talents.

Even Congressman Max Rose (D-NY) has to admit the extreme talent of social media sensation Joey ‘Salads’ Saladino despite the fact that he is his political challenger.

The Staten Island Democrat received a gushing profile in City & State New York Magazine attempting to make the little, balding Congressman look like a tough guy, showing this soft weakling working out in a gym as if he’s some kind of bro.

In the feature article, Rose gave no props to Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, the ambitious RINO looking to win the Republican nomination for the 11th District Congressional seat in 2020.

“She’s a total joke,” Rose said of Malliotakis before adding that she’s “an absolute joke who’s never accomplished anything.”

While he bashed Malliotakis, Rose had to give the devil his due so to speak when it came to Joey Salads. Although he smeared the upstart populist candidate as a racist, he admitted Saladino’s marketing ability and said he would consider hiring the man based upon his raw talent.

“If he wasn’t such a blatant xenophobe, I would think about hiring him. He’s a good marketer!” Rose told City & State, breaking out into laughter. “Unfortunately, we have that whole don’t hire racists policy.”

Joey Salads got a kick out of what his opponent said about him.

“I laughed out loud and nearly spilled my coffee reading that part is all I’m going to say,” Saladino said in an exclusive comment to The Schpiel.

“Look, Max has nothing to run on in 2020, so he has to attack everyone as some big bad ‘racist.’ The amount of time he spent talking to City and State should tell you something about this election: he sees my campaign as a real threat. He out worked everyone in the 2018 election and I do give him credit for that,” Saladino added.

“His party is in-charge, why isn’t he pushing for a labor friendly, pro-small business, family friendly economic and tax policy? It’s because they’re only interested in holding power than competing for votes, he needs mass amnesty to hold his seat because Americans want what Republicans stand for,” Saladino noted about Rose’s legislative priorities.

However, Saladino’s campaign does agree with Rose about his primary challenger Malliotakis. He points to her support of “Little” Marco Rubio for President in 2016, and expressing public regret for her Trump vote as reasons why she is such a joke.

“Supporting Senator Rubio for President over DJT, even as far as today should be saying enough. We’ve seen her fold like paper when pressed,” said Adam Korzeniewski, the political director for Saladino’s campaign, to The Schpiel.

Malliotakis is attempting to re-write history to further her political ambitions, as she now acts like she has the strength to beat back the radical Democrats as they charge to the extreme Left.

“Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have a very organized effort that’s pumping millions of dollars into the campaigns of Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Max Rose,” she told City & State in an interview. “And I need to compete with that.”

But in actuality, Malliotakis is apart of the old guard that has rolled over to the Democrats for generations. Only Joey Salads and his team have the firepower needed to oust Rose from his U.S. House seat come 2020.

The Saladino campaign has keyed in on the fact that Rose is an inauthentic liberal who fails to represent the working class. A recent Counter Punch article exposed Rose’s hypocrisy in how he has taken money from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and corporations directly despite offering rhetoric about “ripping up corporate checks” on the campaign trail.

“Max Rose is a Park Slope liberal. Simple as that. He carpetbagged his way here to tell Staten Islanders that amnesty and nonchalance in the face of 9/11 and Israel being mocked by his colleague is what’s best for them,” Saladino’s campaign manager Vish Burra told The Schpiel.

“The radical left that Rose represents and the primary opponent gate-keeps for relies on beating the working class over the head with its agenda of racial conflict. You see that the most with Bill de Blasio’s education policy in the city. As soon as his child was able to finish and attend a prestigious university, de Blasio has gone out of the way to burn the education bridge behind him,” Korzeniewski said.

“This is the kind of Ivy League tyranny Joey Saladino is going to fight in this election,” he added.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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