PUTZ: Cuomo Signs Bill Banning “Hair Discrimination”

Leftist Hysteria Reaches Hairy New Heights!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo never misses an opportunity to placate the childish demands of the entitled victim groups that make up the base of the modern radicalized Democratic Party.

Cuomo signed Assembly Bill 7797 into law last week to ban so-called “hair discrimination” against people of color. There is now a law on the books prohibiting “race discrimination based on natural hair or hairstyles,” as political correctness takes us one more step closer into full-blown idiocracy.

This legislation is designed to protect the feelings of African-American women, who social justice warriors claim are pressured by societal beauty standards into changing their natural hair. This new law is designed to break that stigma and fight follicle oppression. 

“For much of our nation’s history, people of color — particularly women — have been marginalized and discriminated against simply because of their hair style or texture,” Cuomo said in a press release about the legislation.

“By signing this bill into law, we are taking an important step toward correcting that history and ensuring people of color are protected from all forms of discrimination,” he added.

Expect many junk lawsuits based on this new infringement upon private business owners, as diversity hustlers exploit the pandering nature of Cuomo and other Democratic politicians to make a fast buck.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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  1. “correcting that history” Isn’t that the same as saying “correcting history”, which can also be said as “history is wrong” and “we are changing history” which, in the end reaches “The history you remember is wrong, THIS is the real history”.

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