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Inmates getting out of jail early due to coronavirus fears keep getting arrested again on new charges after their release.

Left-wing activists and elected officials have pushed for the mass release of inmates to prevent them from contracting coronavirus, which has spread throughout crowded corrections facilities. But the mass releases have been followed by a pattern of inmates getting re-arrested shortly after getting out of jail.

Oakland, California, police officers arrested 32-year-old Rocky Music on Sunday for allegedly carrying out one carjacking and attempting another.

Music’s alleged crime spree came less than an hour after he was released in relation to another alleged car theft, thanks to an emergency court order forbidding so-called low-level offenders from being booked into county jails due to coronavirus fears. It took him just 37 minutes after his release to start committing crimes again, according to local authorities.

James Mitchell Correa was arrested in San Jose, California, on April 17 after he allegedly carjacked a car from one person and hit another person in the head with a hammer just days after he was released from jail due to the virus.

Redding, California, police officers re-arrested 31-year-old Anthony Parks on April 18 after he allegedly tried to force his way into a residence just five days after getting out of a state prison as a result of coronavirus concerns.

Another California man, who has reportedly been arrested nine times since December 2019, was arrested just days after he was released as part of a zero-bail emergency order.

Houston, Texas, magistrate Jennifer Gaut cited coronavirus concerns in her decision to let 31-year-old Timothy Singleton, who had a history of violent crimes, out on a bond that was just 1% of what the local prosecutor sought.

Though the prosecutor sought a $50,000 bond, Gaut set Singleton’s bond at $500, meaning he was only required to personally put up $50. Two weeks later, on April 15, he allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend and threw her grandmother to the ground.

Another Houston man, 21-year-old Quaran Pope, was arrested on April 15 and charged with breaking into a car and stealing IDs and bank information. The arrest came just 12 days after Pope was let out of jail due to coronavirus.

At least 50 of New York City’s 1,500 inmates released early due to coronavirus concerns have since been re-arrested, the New York Post reported, citing law enforcement records and police sources.

One such repeat inmate, 41-year-old James Little, was released from Rikers Island on March 28. Eleven days later, on April 8, Little allegedly robbed a New York City bank.

Florida man Joseph Edwards Williams was released from jail on March 19 due to coronavirus concerns. The next day he allegedly murdered a man

Written by Peter Hasson

Peter Hasson is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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