WSJ: China Loses Steam Because Of Trade War

Trump’s master plan is coming to fruition and his enemies are looking quite foolish

The mainstream experts stuck in their globalist mindset believed that President Donald Trump couldn’t take China on in a trade war and possibly win. Those naysayers are beginning to look rather foolish as China’s economic growth is falling without US cooperation. The parasitic relationship between the nations is no more!

The Wall Street Journal noted the progress that Trump is making as he uses his leverage to put the screws to the communist government of China:

An intensifying trade brawl with the U.S. is starting to take a heavier toll on China’s economy, as weakening foreign demand and sluggish domestic consumption cause Chinese manufacturers to significantly scale back production.

The manufacturing slowdown, detailed in reports released Sunday, raises the prospect that China’s leaders will step up economic stimulus measures to prop up growth.

The new data showed that privately owned makers of cars, machinery and other products stopped expanding in September, as export orders dropped the most in more than two years. At the same time, output by large, state-owned manufacturers continued to weaken.

The data, among the first major gauges of China’s economic performance for the third quarter, indicate that the U.S.-China trade fight is beginning to take a bigger bite out of the growth of the world’s second-largest economy.

After renegotiating NAFTA under more favorable terms with Canada and Mexico, Trump is now freed up to blast China with a united front throughout the North American continent. The master deal-maker’s grand plan is coming to fruition before our very eyes!

“China is having a fair amount of difficulty in their domestic economy … so I continue to believe China will come to the table with some significant concessions (although they may be downplayed) this month,” said Tony Nash, CEO of Complete Intelligence, to CNBC reporters.

Trump’s brilliance is playing out on the global stage, and his detractors have more and more egg on their faces as a result. The days of China becoming rich and prosperous while bleeding the US dry are quickly coming to an end due to the incredible leadership of 45.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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