Viktor Orban Kicks Emmanuel Macron While He’s Down As Euro-Nationalism Rises

The ‘Yellow Vests’ are turning the tide and right-wing populist leaders like Orban are being emboldened as a result

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has the blueprint to fix his country and Europe before globalism destroys the once great continent. That includes standing up to the likes of Emmanuel Macron, the de-facto figurehead of the European Union project and massively unpopular French President.

“There is no denying that Emmanuel Macron is an important figure, moreover, the leader of the pro-immigration forces. It is nothing personal, but a matter of our countries’ future,” Orban said.

“If what he wants with regards to migration materialises in Europe, that would be bad for Hungary, therefore I must fight him,” he added.

Orban is slyly giving a nod to the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement. This rowdy group of protesters formed against Macron after he instituted a heinously unpopular fuel tax meant to combat global warming. The Yellow Vests take to the streets every Saturday in a demonstration of power to show Macron who really runs the show in France!

The Daily Express fills in the context of this ongoing battle for the soul of Europe:

“Hungary has found itself at odds with the EU’s immigration policy since the height of the migrant crisis.

The Central European country saw some 400,000 refugees and asylum seekers pass through on their way to Western Europe in 2015 prompting Mr Orban to close Hungary’s borders and erect huge fences.

In a bid to handle the crisis, the European Commission imposed a quota system designed to share new arrivals across member states, but Hungary refused to take part.

On Hungary’s relations with Germany, Mr Orban said today that no compromise was possible with Germany over migration despite what he called “constant pressure” from Berlin on his government to take in immigrants.

He said German politicians and media attack him, often brutally, exerting undue pressure on him to admit migrants.

Mr Orban, who won a third consecutive landslide mandate last year, has tightened his grip on power since 2010, defying EU norms and rules and rising to prominence as the continent’s voters increasingly respond to populist agendas.”

Orban continues to grow his political capital as globalism falls apart under the weight of its failed policies. He is the only adult in the room, the man with the guts to mention the emperor has no clothes. Orban will continue to rise as a leader not only in Hungary but also the entirety of Europe as Macron will be lucky to escape the guillotine before his sorry reign in France inevitably comes to an end!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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