Under New Decree, Salvini Plans To Evict 2,000 Migrants Per Month From Italy

The populist regime of Italy isn’t playing games as they create serious push-back against globalism

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has talked tough on migrants and in opposition of globalism, but he is backing up that rhetoric with definitive action. His new migrant and security decree is anticipated to send up to 2,000 migrants out of the country per month.

“More immigration means more delinquency, the numbers are clear,” Salvini said earlier in the year.

Under the new decree that goes into effect in Jan. 2019, the humanitarian residency permit is scrapped entirely. The folks currently living in Italy under the humanitarian permits will not be able to have them renewed, and then will be ushered out of the country post haste. The new policy is expected to impact a total of 32,000 migrants who will no longer be able to live in Italy legally.

Salvini said that “to have managed to reduce so many landings and arrivals, despite threats and complaints, is a reason for pride for me.”

The far-left of Italy is not happy about Salvini living up to his promises. They are planning to protest and maybe even commit acts of violence to stop his pro-nationalist policies on immigration from being put into place.

“It is truly incredible that such a thing happened, that such a heavy blow was made to the right to asylum, to acceptance, to integration, to a model that brought wealth and civil cohabitation to those communities that had responsibility, and the courage to experiment with it,” said Carla Nespolo, who serves as President of the far-left National Association of the Italian Partisans.

Nespolo should not see these developments as “incredible” as they are taking place all throughout Europe. The ‘Yellow Vests’ are reclaiming France while sovereign governments throughout the continent are taking sharp right-wing turns. It is not a coincidence, but rather, a historic uprising!

Salvini is completely unfazed by the angry words coming from the left. He knows that leftist resistance will only open more eyes and send more people into the arms of the right-wing populists. He tells the socialists to bring it on!

“The nostalgic of the red flags speak of a ‘nightmare’ and invoke ‘civil resistance… the nightmare was the governments of the left, driven out by the Italians. Now we finally restore law and respect,” Salvini said.

Law and respect are on the menu for Europeans who have seen their lands ransacked by globalism for far too long. The chickens are finally coming home to roost throughout Europe for the political left.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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