Uber Stands With The Jewish People, Gives Anti-Semitic Muslim Driver The Boot

The rude Islamic driver wouldn’t take Jews in his Uber car, and the corporation has dropped him as a result

Even big corporations are starting to get sick and tired of Muslim anti-Semitism throughout Europe. Although the globalist government of Britain will not curtail the threat, Uber is taking action against an anti-Semitic Islamic driver who refused to let Jews in his vehicle.

Ahmed, an Islamic Uber driver in London, reportedly told two Jewish men using the popular ride-sharing app that he would not drive them to their requested destination. He remarked, “I don’t take Jews” to the shocked individuals after spotting that they were wearing kibbahs.

Sam Adler, one of the individuals targeted by the angry Muslim anti-Semite, told the Jewish Chronicle about the discrimination inflicted upon him and his people by this insensitive Moslem brute.

“People are seeing that the Labour Party leadership can be open about antisemitism, and think that they can also be and that there will be no consequences, people think they will get away with it,” Adler told the JC.

Adler’s experience made him believe that “what is going on in Parliament is spreading out and having a wider effect on people.” Conservative inaction to the Muslim threat combined with liberals increasingly embracing open anti-Semitism has turned Britain into a war zone where Jews no longer feel safe on the streets.

“I’m not racist towards other people. We shouldn’t have to put up with this,” Adler said.

Uber responded by saying the incident was “totally unacceptable” and their long-stated company policy is to “not tolerate any form of discrimination.” They fired the driver, revoking his ability to use the app any longer, and even reported the instance to London Metropolitan Police.

Despite their action to ban Ahmed the angry Muslim, Uber was reticent to offer monetary considerations to Adler after experiencing racism using their app.

“We would never want to minimise an experience like you describe by putting an arbitrary monetary value on the situation,” representatives from Uber told Adler. “What may be one value to an individual may be different to another – it is just not possible to calculate.”

What’s more likely is Uber does not want to be held liable for the actions of their drivers. If they continue to allow radical Muslims and other third-world foreign threats to drive for them, they can expect more of these familiar problems arising with their staffers.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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