Trump’s South Africa Tweet Draws Controversy

Leftists are calling Trump a white supremacist for drawing attention to racist land-grab.

For weeks, right-wing activists have been calling for President Donald Trump to address the racist land-grab that is currently taking place in South Africa.

Since ending Apartheid, South Africa was “liberated” into becoming the rape and murder capital of the world. The black-run government is now instituting policies of robbing white farmers of their land arbitrarily. Critics of this policy have called it an instance of white genocide, and Trump finally spoke out yesterday on his Twitter account.

The racist government of South Africa immediately replied back, attempting to justify their cruel land collectivization policy.

The racist government of South Africa is receiving support from anti-white liberals as well, who will support literally anyone if it means opposing Trump. The Anti-Defamation League, a thought control group that frequently works with social media corporations to restrict conservative speech and is openly hostile to American values, weighed in on Trump’s remark.

“We would hope that the President would try to understand the facts and realities of the situation in South Africa, rather than repeat disturbing, racially divisive talking points used most frequently by white supremacists,” the ADL wrote in a press release.

The ADL claimed that Trump made a false statement, but failed to point out how his statement is in accurate in any way, shape or form. Globalist entities such as the World Bank support white genocide in South Africa wholeheartedly:

It is now proven that the South African government has been lying to their own people as well as the world about the nature of their racist property seizure.

It is clear that the globalists are supporting this plan. They support white genocide and desperately want to keep it under wraps. However, President Trump is making that very difficult. The social engineers will no longer be able to hide their diabolical anti-white plans from the public.

South Africa may not be doomed to become a repeat of Zimbabwe, thanks to Trump’s strong leadership.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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