Trump Puts China On Notice

The President spoke candidly about Chinese espionage during a meeting with business leaders.

President Donald Trump has been criticized for his unwillingness to torpedo relations with Russia over an unproven deep state conspiracy theory, but he maintains he has his eye on the real threats to American prosperity and greatness. Chief among these threats is the authoritarian communist government of China.

China owns significant debt holdings in America, exerts tremendous control over the US economy, and stands to overtake America as the top world power unless things change quickly. Trump is attempting that change and is shining light on Chinese spies existing within our university system.

During a summit with top business leaders on Tuesday night, Trump referred to China negatively by saying that “almost every student that comes over to this country is a spy.” He also referred to Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping’s “One Belt One Road Initiative” as “insulting,” suggesting that the trade war between the two nations would continue indefinitely.

While the mainstream fake news maintain that Trump’s remark is racist and baseless, the liberal media has reported extensively about the legitimacy of the Chinese spying threat from multiple sources. Until Trump made his comment, it was widely recognized that this problem in fact exists.

The New York Times reported the following in February:

China’s booming economy has increasingly allowed more of its young men and women to seek a college education in the West; 329,000 now study in the United States, more than five times the number recorded a decade ago. By far the largest contingent of foreign students, they can be an economic lifeline for colleges, since they usually pay full tuition, and they can provide a healthy dose of international diversity.

But those students often bring to campus something else from home: the watchful eyes and occasionally heavy hand of the Chinese government, manifested through its ties to many of the 150-odd chapters of the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations…

The organization’s influence troubles some China scholars and human rights activists, who say it wields outsize sway over American campuses because of the sizable tuition paid by Chinese students abroad, a group recently exhorted by China’s government to increase their patriotism and devotion to the Communist Party.

“I basically don’t think that any student organizations that are controlled by their government — which clearly the C.S.S.A. is — should have a presence on foreign university campuses,” said Jeffrey Henderson, a professor of international development at the University of Bristol in England.”

The cowards of the fake news are so desperate to malign President Trump and hamstring his ‘America First’ agenda that they are even disregarding their own previous reports! There are no depths to which this anti-American cabal will not sink in order to keep the globalist status quo in place.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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