Trump Congratulates Bolsonaro On Job Well Done

Bolsonaro will be an ally of Trump’s in the global fight on globalism and degeneracy

The commies are pissing their pants after the people of Brazil elected strongman Jair Bolsonaro as their President today by a sizable margin. His mandate is to restore order to the impoverished, crime-ridden country by cleaning up corruption and degeneracy in heavy-handed fashion.

Bolsonaro’s American equivalent, Donald J. Trump, was amongst the first to call and congratulate the “Trump of the Tropics” on a job well done as right-wing populism continues to spread throughout the world.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed that the men will be working “side-by-side” as fellow “regional leaders of the Americas” in a public statement. Trump’s Democratic opponents have previously demanded that he chide the new Brazilian President for his comments against feminists and the LGBT movement.

“We ask that you make it clear to the government of Brazil that the United States of America finds these positions unacceptable and that there will be severe consequences if Mr. Bolsonaro follows through on his threats during the presidential campaign,” read a letter written by prominent House Democrats released on Friday.

However, it is now abundantly clear that Trump and Bolsonaro will not have an adversarial relationship moving forward. And why should they? They have plenty of mutual enemies and similar agendas. Liberals are already blowing their tops over the possibilities.

No matter how much they may cry, the leftist losers cannot reverse this trend. Every country wants to put a Trump-esque leader into power these days. The globe is never going to get sick of winning!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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