Trump Arrives In UK Amid Far Left Insanity

Radical Socialists want to Jeopardize our alliance with the UK

Upon President Trump’s arrival to the UK, he has made it clear that he feels unwelcome by governing officials.  From the now infamous balloon that graces London’s skies, to the protests going on across the country by socialist activists, Trump’s suspicions seem based in reality. The far left, with the complicity of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour politicians, have made their hatred towards President Trump loud and clear.  Many of them do not seem to care that their actions jeopardize the UK’s special relationship with the US.

Fresh off a tense NATO summit with US allies across Europe, it seems like the strain on many of our long held alliances will continue.  Radical left wing politicians and activists in Britain have attempted to pressure Conservative Theresa May and her party to refuse to meet with President Trump since he was inaugurated in 2017, with both their attempt last year and this year proving unsuccessful.  The Labour Party has continued to radicalize since Jeremy Corbyn was named Leader of the Opposition in 2015, and while they have been unsuccessful at uninviting Trump to the UK thus far, they have proven that they are willing to harm the UK’s special relationship with the US to take a stand against Trump.

While Labour has certainly went out of their way to  make Trump feel unwelcome, he is not fond of the current government himself.  In a recent interview conducted with The Sun, Trump criticized Prime Minister Theresa May for being soft on Brexit and praised Brexit hardliner Boris Johnson.  Trump also expressed antipathy towards the UK’s acceptance of Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, citing their impact on British culture and identity.  We will continue to track major developments from the meeting as they come.

Written by Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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