Theresa May’s Brexit Backstab Backfires

May’s Incompetence Helps the Populist Right of Britain Seize Power

When United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May took over for anti-Brexit establishment favorite David Cameron, she promised to uphold the Brexit and make sure Britain left the European Union as the voters wanted. She is failing in her mandate, pushing a compromise that would for all intents and purposes keep Britain in the EU, and her government is crumbling as a result.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned today, shortly after Brexit Secretary David Davis and junior Brexit minister Steve Baker did the same. This came after May proclaimed that her party was unified behind her, striking another blow toward the credibility of the embattled leader.

She addressed the House of Commons in an attempt to strengthen her regime on Monday:

Johnson released his resignation letter in full on his Twitter account.

Journalist Robert Peston analyzed Brexit Secretary Davis’ resignation letter that he called “astonishingly savage.”

Just a few days before Trump is scheduled to come to town, May’s government has never looked more feeble and illegitimate. During an age plagues for its fractured and polarized politics, all sides of the political aisle have been able to come together to malign the ineptitude of the May regime.

“What she needs to do is give up on her proposals,” said Tory lawmaker Andrew Bridgen. “There will be a robust exchange of views and my colleagues will make a decision then as to whether they will support the prime minister.”

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said to the House of Commons: “The agreement took two years to reach and just two days to unravel. How can she get good deal with the E.U. when she can’t even broker one within her own cabinet?”

With the Tories in such shambles, the only thing that can save the party is a strong new leader with a lot of credibility on the Brexit issue.

Perhaps the Tories would be wise to start a campaign to convince Farage to switch parties and displace May as Prime Minister!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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