The Tories Sell Out Britons, Keep Theresa May In Power Despite Brexit Sabotage

The conservatives rallied their troops around Theresa May, the disgraced hag who has screwed the pooch in Brexit negotiations

The Tories finally had a chance to right the many wrongs that have occurred since 2016 on Wednesday. They have blown the Brexit spectacularly under the rule of Prime Minister Theresa May, who has turned the Conservative Party into a laughingstock.

May faced a no confidence vote yesterday, but the Tories buckled in parliament. The measure ended up failing in what may be the final death blow for the neoliberal corporatist ruling party masquerading as conservative.

The BBC gives the skinny on the cowardice of the phony conservatives:

“Prime Minister Theresa May has won a vote of confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party by 200 to 117.

After securing 63% of the total vote, she is now immune from a leadership challenge for a year.

Speaking in Downing Street, she vowed to deliver the Brexit “people voted for” but said she had listened to the concerns of MPs who voted against her.

Her supporters urged the party to move on but critics said losing the support of a third of MPs was “devastating”.

The prime minister won the confidence vote with a majority of 83, with 63% of Conservative MPs backing her and 37% voting against her.”

MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who led the charge for the no confidence vote that ultimately failed, says that May should resign anyway, but she is not likely going anywhere. This feminist harpy will continue to dance and disgrace her once-great nation at every turn.

However, not every British conservative is set to watch the Brexit be pissed away by a woman who isn’t fit to shine the Prime Minister’s shoes much less perform in the role. Brexit-engineer Nigel Farage, formerly leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) but now a media pundit, is pointing out just how derelict May and her Tories have been through every step of the process.

Unimpressed with the busch league presentation of his former party UKIP, Farage is getting ready to form a new staunchly pro-Leave party to save the Brexit. He calls this is “biggest battle yet.”

“I am not going to lie down and watch it go down the plug hole, I couldn’t do that. And I won’t do that,” he said. “I sense within me I have not fought my biggest battle yet – that is how it feels.”

“I will be looking to get some high-profile figures in from across the business and political spectrum,” Farage added.

The Tories may be an endangered species if Farage has his way. Their immense incompetence (or is it sabotage?) has only bolstered his political star. At the end of this mess, we may be looking at Prime Minister Farage as the feckless conservatives are brought to heel!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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