The Schpiel Endorses Otzma Yehudit And United Right In Israeli Elections

Only one party delivers the uncompromising message that Israel needs.

To Israel’s credit, there is no shortage of choices for nationalist-minded voters in the April 9 elections.

Guided by his son Yair, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has shifted the Likud to the right, embracing the national-populist movement and the dank memes that come with it. He has enacted the Nation-State Law, sending a clear message to the world: that Israel is and always will be, first and foremost, a Jewish state. And he has aligned with patriotic leaders the world over, including Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, Italy’s Matteo Salvini, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, and our very own Donald J. Trump.

Moshe Feiglin’s refreshing fusion of nationalism and libertarianism in his new Zehut party, especially with his call to end US foreign aid to Israel, is also sure to resonate with many of our readers. Meanwhile, the work of New Right’s Ayelet Shaked to chip away at the power of Israel’s left-wing courts at the Justice Ministry warrants some praise, even if it did not go far enough to rein in the country’s rampant judicial activism. Both of these parties deserve a place within the next Netanyahu government.

But there is one party that stands out from the rest. Only one party drew the condemnation of the entire Israeli and American political establishments after Bibi boldly negotiated its entry into a pact with the Jewish Home and the National Union in order to form the United Right, a joint front of patriotic parties. Only one party is truly feared by the corrupt and malignant globalist elites who pull the strings in New York, Washington and Tel Aviv. And only one party has been banned from Facebook multiple times in the election campaign period alone, because the powers that be don’t want the people of Israel to hear what it has to say. That party is Otzma Yehudit, known in English as Jewish Strength.

Otzma Yehudit has thus far been denounced by American Israel Political Action Committee, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the New York Times, the National Review, and leading Democratic Party presidential contenders. Every ersatz Zionist in America has taken the opportunity to virtue signal; always emphasizing that they are “pro-Israel”, but only so far as the land blessed by G_d is turned into yet another failed, liberal American client state.

Inspired by the teachings of New York’s very own legendary Rabbi Meir Kahane, Otzma presents an uncompromising vision for a Jewish state under Halakhic law that emphasizes love for G_d, the preservation of our people, and the future of our children as its most paramount principles. It will not kowtow to globalists who dream of nothing more than to see Israel’s Jewish character destroyed and replaced with the horrors of ‘multiculturalism’ and societal degeneracy. It will not hesitate when it comes to dealing with the array of barbarians who threaten the security and sovereignty of the holy land, whether it be the jihadists of Gaza, their apologists in the Palestinian Authority, or the hordes of illegal African migrants that now occupy many of Israel’s cities. It will stand proudly and defiantly for an Israel that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

Israel also faces one of its greatest internal challenges yet. A dark alliance has emerged, led by a trio of deep state generals, and backed by subversive elements within the justice system, rebels within the Likud party, George Soros’ NGOs, hard-leftists, radical Islamists, the mainstream Israeli media, and the European Union. The Attorney General has gone so far as to indict the Prime Minister under clearly motivated, trumped up charges, in order to facilitate the ascension of opposition leader General Benny Gantz to the premiership as part of a coup by entrenched interests.

Unfortunately, Otzma too has come under assault from the deep state. The Supreme Court of Israel, on the direction of the Attorney General, has disqualified the party’s leading candidate, meaning that the United Right will need to win a total of 7 seats in order for Otzma to win a single one. This makes it paramount that the United Right list gets as many votes as possible.

Unlike Zehut, which features numerous former leftists and has not ruled out siding with the opposition following the election, Otzma can be relied on to support the formation of another right-wing government under Bibi Netanyahu. United Right has proposed legislation that would immediately end the witch hunt against Israel’s beloved Prime Minister by granting him immunity from prosecution, while Otzma has suggested fast-tracking such legislation should they land a seat on the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

And unlike Likud, Otzma will never, ever concede the territorial integrity of the G_d given Jewish state to the savages of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Without the anchor of the United Right, the Likud risks drifting away from its principles and towards a coalition deal with the opposition so that the nefarious push by Jared Kushner to hand our sacred territory to the enemy can go ahead.

Israel deserves another four years of Bibi Netanyahu, who has undoubtedly delivered for the people of Israel. But Bibi must also be held accountable, and there is no one better to do that than Itamar Ben-Gvir of Otzma Yehudit, the seventh placed candidate on the United Right list.

With that said, we urge all Israelis to cast their votes for the United Right in order to elect Otzma Yehudit to the Knesset on April 7. To find out more about the United Right, visit their website here.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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