Sweden Democrats: Jerusalem Should Be Capital Of Israel!

The ascendant far-right party has been called anti-semitic by leftists, but they want Israel as a strong ally

Although they are often called anti-semitic and racist by the liberal press, the Sweden Democrats recently submitted a draft motion imploring the Swedish government to place its embassy in Jerusalem and acknowledge the city as the rightful capital of Israel.

“The Riksdag (parliament) stands behind what is stated in the motion to formally acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announces this to the government,” the draft resolution reads. “The Riksdag stands behind what is stated in the motion and supports moving Sweden’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and announcing this to the government.”

The draft motion was made by Bjorn Soder, legislator for the Sweden Democrats, and would be considered a nonbinding resolution if passed. It would not have any force behind it, but would send a strong message that Sweden stands with Israel. This message would fly in the faces of the powerful leftists in charge of the government.

The center-left bloc, which is the largest governing coalition in the country, has taken a hostile and aggressive position on the state of Israel. They even became the first European country to recognize Palestine as a legitimate nation back in 2014.

The Sweden Democrats are positioning themselves to be the pro-Israel alternative to this leftist coalition. It is a good time to strike, as the center-left coalition of Sweden is the weakest it has been in generations. Still, the Sweden Democrats have a lingering problem of extremism within its midst.

Raghu Jacobsen, a city councilman for the party in Stenungsund of western Sweden, said in a Tweet: “As long as Rothschild controls the economy and with the modern slavery on this planet, there will be anti-Semitism. #Jews #israel.”

Martin Sihlén, a representative for the Sweden Democrats in Örkelljunga, wrote on social media that “Hitler wasn’t so bad” and the murderous genocidal dictator “did not lie about Jews.” He also added that the “international Jewry is thirsting for destroying Europe. It was ultimately not Germany who started the Second World War, it was the Jews.”

While they still have a ways to go toward cleaning up their party, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a good first step toward honoring and respecting the world Jewry.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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