Steve King Endorses Nationalist Mayoral Candidate In Toronto

The Iowa Republican Hailed Faith Goldy As A “Fighter For Our Values”

Steve King, Republican congressman from Iowa, has endorsed Faith Goldy in her long-shot bid for mayor of Toronto, tweeting:

Goldy is a Toronto native and former journalist for Rebel Media, which sacked her after she appeared on a far-right podcast after the rally in Charlottesville, VA. Because of this misstep, she has consistently, and unfairly, been slandered as a white supremacist by the media and her political opposition.

Promoting herself as “Tough on crime, Easy on taxpayers,” and with positions that are critical of immigration and Islam, she is considered a fringe candidate, and her race a long shot, as incumbent John Tory holds a commanding lead over all other candidates shortly before the election next week. Goldy is in third place.

Aside from being an outsider and a victim of slander, one of her main problems has been a steep uphill battle for recognition, with only about half of voters even knowing of her. She has also encountered systemic resistance to promoting her campaign. In protest, Goldy previously interrupted a press conference and a debate, and attempted to sue Bell Media for refusing to run her campaign ad without explanation, though the case was recently thrown out due to the judge ruling it belonged in a different judicial jurisdiction.

Despite the unlikelihood of her mayoral bid, at this point Toronto likely represents an urban, colonized, and progressive outlier, as the most recent major elections in Canada delivered a shot to the establishment when Conservatives led by populist Doug Ford swept the Liberals from power in what was widely seen as a referendum on the unpopular extremism of the far left.

Steve King, who has a history of being explicit about his conservative values and making controversial and frequently misinterpreted statements, received typical backlash to his endorsement, which the Iowa Republican shrugged off. He recently attended a Trump rally in his state, where the President good-naturedly praised him as “may be the world’s most conservative human being.”

Written by Kris Malysz

Kris Malysz is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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