Senate Republicans Undermine Trump’s Peace Push In Afghanistan And Syria

The GOP establishment is showing its true colors and doing everything it can to sabotage Trump’s foreign policy agenda

President Donald Trump has worked diligently with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on a plan to declare victory and bring troops home from Syria and Afghanistan. Trump has been particularly vocal in favor of this plan in recent months.

However, Cocaine Mitch is leading a charge in the Senate to undermine President Trump’s push for peace. Mitch and other Republican hawks want to keep US forces needlessly in the Middle East to protect a failing empire that enriches defense contractors and other rapacious special interests at the expense of the taxpayer.

NPR describes how McConnell and his Republican cohorts have joined the resistance to undermine the President:

The GOP-controlled Senate voted again to go on the record with more pushback on foreign policy — this time on Syria.

Led by Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate advanced an amendment to a resolution 68-23 that warned against a “precipitous withdrawal” from the Middle Eastern nation. The measure was attached to a broader Mideast policy bill that the Senate is still debating.

The president unexpectedly tweeted in December that the United States was withdrawing its approximately 2,000 troops from Syria, against the advice of the Pentagon…

That sudden declaration of a withdrawal from Syria — and Trump’s claim of victory over ISIS — was news to American diplomats, military officers and lawmakers, who raised concerns that ISIS had not yet been defeated and that the withdrawal would leave U.S. allies in the lurch.”

The “intelligence community” that once told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction rebuked Trump publicly as well, in obvious coordination with McConnell as he pushed his toothless resolution demanding endless war.

“While ISIS is nearing territorial defeat in Iraq and Syria, the group has returned to its guerrilla warfare roots while continuing to plot attacks and direct its supporters worldwide. ISIS is intent on resurging and still commands thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria,” Director of U.S. National Intelligence Dan Coats said earlier this week.

“We currently assess that North Korea will seek to retain its WMD capabilities, and is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities because its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival,” Coats added. “Our assessment is bolstered by our observations of some activity that is inconsistent with full denuclearization.”

It will not be easy for Trump to bring the troops home. The deep state bureaucracy will work against him at every turn to keep U.S. military personnel stationed around the world. It will take nothing short of incredible resolve from Trump to enact his ‘America First’ agenda abroad.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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