Saudi Arabia Executes 37 Terrorists

Evidence of Trump’s diplomatic success

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has executed 37 terrorists as part of a massive crackdown on radical Islamic groups operating there, reports the New York Times.

Some of those executed were linked to international Sunni terrorist networks such as al-Qaeda and Islamic State, which have long had ties to rogue elements in Saudi Arabia. The rest were members and supporters of Iran-backed Shia militias, which operate in the eastern province of the country. The names of the terrorists, which were released to the public, included those of individuals from prominent families in the Kingdom.

On Sunday, four Islamic State militants stormed a security services base in Riyadh. They managed to wound three police officers before being put down. Some have suggested that the execution was intended to send a message to the Islamic State that Saudi Arabia would not tolerate their activity.

Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, whose rise to power was abetted by President Trump, the Saudi government has taken a hard line on benefactors of terrorist groups, radical clerics, and members of the transnational Muslim Brotherhood network within their country. In the past, these dangerous individuals were protected by prominent members of the Saudi establishment.

While many Western elites will denounce this move as a human rights violation, it is yet another clear example of Trumpian diplomacy yielding dividends. President Trump and his second greatest ally, Prince Mohammad, have shown that they will show no mercy to the radical Islamic terrorists that seek to destroy both our nations.

Written by Daniel Weissman

Daniel Weissman is the editor of The Schpiel.


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