Putin At G20: Trump Is “A Man Of Character, A Very Experienced Man”

Russian President lavishes praise on Trump in the midst of ongoing US-Russia tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Donald Trump while talking to reporters at the G20 summit about his relationship with the U.S. President, according to a Bloomberg report.

“I don’t think President Trump is wary of anything,” Putin said in response to a question asking whether Trump feared Putin. “He is a man of character, a very experienced man. He is a grown-up.”

Although Trump cancelled his originally scheduled meeting with Putin, they did have an impromptu encounter at the summit dinner, where they were able to discuss the ongoing tensions surrounding the seizure of Ukrainian ships that entered Russian waters by the Russian Navy. Putin suggested he was able to clarify the situation for Trump regarding the “provocative character” of the Ukrainians, but did not come to any consensus.

“I answered his questions,” Putin stated. “He has his position on these issues and problems. I have mine.”

Putin also pressed for a longer meeting between the two men at some point in the future in order to discuss trade, nuclear arms reduction and the ongoing civil conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan.
“We need to talk about all these issues. I hope this meeting will happen when the American side is ready,” he added.
After the Helsinki summit in July, Trump extended an invite to Putin to visit the White House in 2019. If Putin accepts and the meeting goes ahead, it would mark the Russian leader’s first visit to Washington since 2005.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the Managing Editor of The Schpiel.


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