President Trump’s Choice For World Bank President Is Anti-Globalist Crusader

If Trump gets David Malpass in as head of the World Bank, he will be putting a man who released a scathing critique of globalism into the role

President Donald Trump has been the worst nightmare of the globalists, and the nightmare is about to get a little worse after the announcement of Trump’s choice for World Bank President.

Trump is looking to instill David Malpass in the role. Malpass, who works as the US Treasury department’s top official on international affairs, released a missive against the public policy efforts of the world’s financial institutions back in 2017. He pulled no punches when describing the failures of the World Bank and similar entities.

“They spend a lot of money, they’re not very efficient, they’re often corrupt in their lending practices and they don’t get the benefit to the actual people in the countries,” Malpass said.

The globalists are already crying foul regarding this selection because Malpass represents another one of Trump’s many wrenches being tossed into the gears of the status quo.

“What the World Bank really needs at a time of such complex global challenges is someone who is committed to multilateralism, has a vision and can motivate the institution, and he has none of those things,” said Karen Mathiasen, who served as a US Treasury bureaucrat on the World Bank board. “It is my hope the board will seriously consider alternative candidates.”

“The changing global economic landscape makes the convention outdated. There are many excellent potential candidates across the globe, just as there probably are in the U.S.,” former U.S. IMF executive director Mark Sobel said recently.

Before becoming a trusted economic adviser to Trump, Malpass was previously the chief economist at Bear Stearns where he worked under National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow. In addition to private sector work, Malpass was deputy assistant Treasury secretary under Reagan and deputy assistant secretary of State under Bush I. He will make a tremendous World Bank President for this new era where nationalism reigns again and the needs of the people are finally put ahead of the needs of the corporate elite!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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