President Trump Warns Sh-thole Countries: Stop Migrants Or Lose Aid!

Trump knows the Democrats are staging more border theatrics, and he is having none of it

Credit: REUTERS/Mike Carlson

Although the caravan carrying thousands of migrants from third-world sh-thole countries into the United States was stalled, the invaders have since re-grouped and continue to make progress. With time winding down before they arrive at the US/Mexico border, President Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops.

Trump is essentially giving these sh-tholers an ultimatum: Either stop the migrants before they get to the US or we cut off your federal welfare money.

Predictably, the enemies of America (Democrats) are enraged that Trump is not allowing these smelly foreigners to make a fool of him and desecrate the laws of America. They are becoming worried that Trump’s strength as a leader will help his Republican Party during next month’s crucial mid-term elections.

These clueless or complicit Democrats are unsurprisingly emboldening terrorists at war against the United States. ISIS recruits have already been caught joining the caravan, and Trump is currently weighing the option of putting military troops on the border to repel the threat.

It isn’t just mobs of leftists inside our country we need to worry about. The mobs that these leftist scumbags are organizing outside of our country are arguably even more dangerous and threatening.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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