Possible Assassination Attempt Against Venezuelan Leader?

Maduro Was Unharmed

A few hours ago, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survived a possible assassination attempt while giving a speech in the capital of Caracas.

A brief video shows Maduro speaking, then being startled and looking up at the sky with those around him. The sound is cut, and seconds later soldiers standing in ranks in the street scatter and run.

The Venezuelan Information Minister, Jorge Rodriguez, stated that explosions occurred at 5:41 pm, and that they came from “drone-like devices.” Maduro is said to be unharmed, while seven national guards were injured. There appears to be no evidence as of yet that any projectile or explosive came close to the president. A “rebel Twitter feed” apparently claimed that the explosions came from two drones packed with C4, which were subsequently shot down by snipers.

Meanwhile, anonymous firefighters and three officials claim the explosion actually came from a gas tank in a nearby apartment, which can be seen in the video, disputing the government’s position.

The occasion of the president’s speech was the 81st anniversary of the National Guard.

The Venezuelan regime is no stranger to violence. The country has been ravaged by large-scale protests which often turn deadly, with security forces beating and shooting civilians. Last year, a rogue police officer attacked government buildings in a helicopter.

Under Maduro and his policies of unabashed socialism, Venezuela’s economy, quality of life, and freedom have cratered while inflation skyrocketed, with people unable to access basic necessities like food and healthcare, and the government destroying checks and balances and ruthlessly suppressing dissent.

Written by Kris Malysz

Kris Malysz is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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