Orban And Salvini: The New Lords Of Europe

The Italian and Hungarian leaders are gaining in strength as the populist right-wing storm rocks the continent

Europe is growing increasingly desperate for political leaders who will represent their interests against the wave of Muslim third-world invaders threatening their way of life. Nobody has done a better job in this regard than Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italian Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini.

The two nationalist leaders have the backbone to stand strong against the leftist power structure, and their bravery is paying dividends. Ther strong leadership has forced the globalist bureaucrats of the European Union (EU) to double-down and show themselves as the true enemy of the European people. The EU announced recently that they will consider sanctioning Hungary for protecting its citizens.

Orban is convinced that the EU is issuing empty threats, as they have in the past.

“It is a type of procedure at the end of which there is no sanction, there is no danger,” Orban said, referring to a similar situation when the EU chastised Hungary for changing their constitution but did not act despite their hand-wringing.

“Nothing happened [during the previous spat between Hungary and the EU], that’ll be the case again this time,” Orban said.

Salvini took it one step further. He thinks the EU’s hostility toward Orban will backfire and catapult the right-wing populists of Europe into immediate power.

“I am convinced that in a few months’ time we’ll find ourselves governing Europe together with Viktor Orban,” Salvini said.

“The sanctions against the Hungarian government and people are a political act, a madness by that left-wing Europe that is not resigned to change,” he added.

Salvini and Orban are very much on the same page, and their bromance is so tight that it puts even Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to shame. Both men referred to each other as their own personal “heroes” during a meeting in Milan recently.

European parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place on May 23-26 of next year, and the globalists cannot be looking forward to those. If Orban and Salvini aren’t governing Europe together by then, there is a good chance they will have the power to do so following that election. The momentum behind right-wing populism in Europe will be very difficult to slow down by that time!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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