Nigel Farage Bails On UKIP, Derides ‘Angry Young Men’ And ‘Street Activism’

Farage is becoming more mainstream while UKIP is getting more radical so he is leaving the party fold

Nigel Farage is a living legend in British politics, having been the primary engineer behind the successful Brexit vote in 2016. After the vote was over, he bailed from a leadership role in his party UKIP and became a media pundit. Leadership has changed several times since Farage’s departure, and he is not happy with the party’s current direction.

“The party of elections is quickly becoming a party of street activism, with our members being urged to attend marches rather than taking the fight to the ballot box,” Farage wrote in his criticism of UKIP.

Farage has grown concerned with the leadership of Gerard Batten, as he has opened up the party to YouTube commentators like Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson as well as the far right. Tommy Robinson, who was jailed for whistleblowing about Muslim grooming gangs, is being welcomed into the party mix by Batten. The party is finally gaining a coherent direction in the post-Farage era.

And now, this era of UKIP will truly be without Farage. Farage is leaving the party officially and says he has given his last speech to his once beloved political organization.

“With a heavy heart, I am leaving UKIP. It is not the Brexit party our nation so badly needs,” Farage wrote in a column for the Telegraph.

Farage saw the writing on the wall earlier this year when speaking to the new UKIP denizens who were enraged over his recent criticism of the party.

“At the Annual Ukip Conference held this year in Birmingham, I spoke at the Gala dinner. My message was very simple: one of the reasons for Ukip’s success was that we’d excluded extremists and focused on organising and fighting elections. I warned that any change to this policy would damage the party beyond repair,” Farage wrote.

“As I walked back to my seat, I was met by several angry young men, red in the face and mildly abusive, who all seemed to be obsessed with Islam and Tommy Robinson,” he added.

Farage’s next move could be joining the Tories, which may ultimately be a good fit for him as the Conservative Party’s leadership crumbles. Tommy Robinson is likely to become the new face of UKIP whether Farage likes it or not. This divorce will be for the best in the long run as a broad right-wing movement develops in the UK.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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