Netanyahu’s Leadership Style Is Desperately Needed To Save The West

Although he recently won a tightly-contested election and narrowly stayed in power, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains besieged like never before from a growing list of enemies.

Netanyahu is still under investigation by his nation’s deep state, as the entrenched bureaucracy in Israel resists his posturing toward the right. The Israeli Prime Minister views the case as a chess match of sorts, viewing the Israeli High Court as a political body, working to strip their power through maneuvering the legislature.

The Left has used Netanyahu’s behavior as more evidence that he is a corrupt autocrat at war with democracy. Netanyahu’s defense is that he is the people’s choice, and the business of protecting the world’s Jewish state is far more important than the petty charges his enemies are bringing up against him. As this messiness continues to unravel, Netanyahu is facing more criticism than ever before.

Netanyahu is being blamed for everything that is going wrong in the West from the U.S. being close to war with Iran to the rise of anti-Semitism throughout Europe attributed by the popular media to the far right. Netanyahu’s boisterous condemnation of the Iran deal, an Obama foreign policy achievement that allowed Hezbollah to fund their terror operation with drug money that was ultimately terminated by his successor, is being blamed for increased hostilities while the Israeli PM’s support of the rising populist tide in Europe has many liberal Jews claiming Netanyahu excuses anti-Semitism for personal political gain.

While Netanyahu’s embrace of Realpolitik has left him not without blemishes on his record, it is because of his willingness to exert raw power that he is needed to save the West. He would not be an enduring fixture in government if he didn’t embrace and master the cruel and vindictive nature of politics as the game is actually played. Leaders like Netanyahu and those he has embraced like Donald Trump of the U.S., Viktor Orban of Hungary, Matteo Salvini of Italy, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil are the only thing standing in the way of the excesses of globalism and the proliferation of Islam. An Islamic regime such as Iran will only cede power when confronted, as these leaders recognize but the intellectual elite perilously denies.

While these leaders are often defamed as anti-Semites by the liberal media, the radical Muslims who are really leading the charge against Jews are given a pass. Every European country that opened their doors to Muslims have seen hate crimes against Jews spike in an unprecedented manner. While Jews – who are predominantly liberal and cosmopolitan in outlook – may not be comfortable with the populist approach of the New European Right and their willingness to inflame the passions of their people on behalf of nationalism, these rising leaders are the last bulwark standing in the way of invading hordes of Islam who, contrary to the bureaucratic gibberish of the insular European Union, will never adopt Western customs.

Netanyahu’s record may be far from spotless, right-wing populism may be crude and repugnant at times, but this is what’s absolutely necessary to protect the West from falling into ruin. Will burning churches and immolated synagogues be our future? Will acid attacks, random bombings, and cars plowing into innocent pedestrians become ‘part and parcel’ of European life? Israel is far from insulated against the threat; in fact, the Jewish state is the crown jewel of the West that radical Islam hopes to wipe from the map forever.

These political realities do not mean we should refrain from condemning political violence and removing extremists, racists, and other bad actors from our midst, but we must keep in mind strength is the only answer to our cultural maladies. Moderate conservatism of the Theresa May or Angela Merkel variety has proven ill-equipped to keep Europe safe from internal and external threats. The wily and cunning Netanyahu, with his cadre of strongman allies, may be the last hope for Western Civilization. He knows the path forward, and only he has the record to show he is willing to wade in the muck if it means protecting Israel and Europe alongside it.

Written by Harry Turkington

Harry Turkington is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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