Netanyahu: ‘New Anti-Semitism’ In Europe Coming ‘From The Extreme Left’

The Israeli Prime Minister believes that the biggest threats against Jews come from leftists and Islamists

While the mainstream media credits the rise of Trump and global right-wing populism for growing anti-semitism, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that it is the left and radical Islam leading the charge against Jews.

“There’s old anti-Semitism in Europe that came from the extreme right, but there’s also new anti-Semitism that comes from the extreme left and also the radical Islamic pockets in Europe that spew forth these slanders and lies about Israel,” Netanyahu said to CNN.

“There are over six million Jews living in Israel. So the new anti-Semites say this: we’re not against Jews. We’re just against the State of Israel,” Netanyahu added.

The CNN poll referenced to Netanyahu showed that a quarter of Europeans believe that Jews have too much control over the financial sector while a third of Europeans are unaware of what happened during the Holocaust in World War II.

Netanyahu gives credit to right-wing populist leaders throughout Europe for recognizing the threat and working to combat the growth of anti-semitism in their nations.

“I saw [Prime Minister] Viktor Orban in Hungary,” Netanyahu said. “He’s opened up a center against anti-Semitism. I saw [Chancellor] Sebastian Kurz in Austria, he just held a conference against anti-Semitism, and that’s encouraging.”

Netanyahu has been a constant thorn in the side of the liberal media’s narrative. As the state of Israel nestles up against right-wing populist regimes throughout the world, it will be harder for the fake news to connect a rise in anti-semitism with a rise in conservative attitudes.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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  1. The Nazis National Socialist and the Communist Soviet Socialist were only together in their hatred and persecution of the Jews. I’m not sure it’s a left/right case as much as a government looking for a scape goat.

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