National Review Senior Editor Calls For Netanyahu’s Ouster

Globalist Never Trumper Jay Nordlinger reveals himself as an enemy of the Jewish State

Jay Nordlinger, the senior editor of the National Review, denounced Benjamin Netanyahu in the wake of his deal with Otzma Yehudit, a patriotic nationalist party in Israel, suggesting that the Israeli Prime Minister should be replaced.

“I have admired Netanyahu since I was in college, and he was deputy chief of mission in D.C. I have called him (and Stephen Harper too) “the Leader of the West” (which is not merely a geographical term). I think he has stayed too long. His dignity is ebbing away,” Nordlinger tweeted.

Nordlinger is not the only one on the beltway right who is concerned about Netanyahu straying off the establishment reservation.

Conservative columnist Eli Lake, who typically brands himself as a strongly pro-Israel commentator, also chimed in, accusing Otzma Yehudit of being “Judeofascists” and claiming Netanyahu had given them an “equivalent of a Kosher certificate”. In response, Lake called for ousting the Netanyahu government, an outcome that would likely expulsion of Jews from many West Bank settlements.

“Netanyahu and [Jewish Home leader Rafi] Peretz have legitimized hateful fanatics until recently considered beyond the pale. Even if no Kahanists serve in a future government, the prime minister’s political embrace of them is a stain that cannot be ignored,” Lake wrote for Bloomberg. “For this reason alone, Netanyahu and his coalition deserve to lose power when Israelis vote for their next government in eight weeks.”

The New York Times’ in-house token ‘conservative’, Bret Stephens, voiced his approval of Lake’s remarks, saying he “[agrees] with every word” and describing the deal as “Bibi’s shameful bargain”.

Stephens and the National Review famously threw Trump under the bus in 2016 in order to assist Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Now, the globalist beltway right has even turned on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – the unexpected next target for their beloved doctrine of regime change in the Middle East. As Israel pursues an increasingly independent domestic and foreign policy agenda from that of Washington neoconservatives, the elite center-right commentariat, who once prided themselves on being the greatest proponents of the Jewish state, have in fact revealed themselves to be its enemies.

Written by Daniel Weissman

Daniel Weissman is the editor of The Schpiel.


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