Madame Le Pen: Macron Should Resign

The French right wing leader did not hold back any punches

Speaking through a translator over the phone for a Breitbart exclusive interview on Monday, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally party in France, called on French president Emmanuel Macron to resign.

She thinks he is not “honest” or “bold enough” to recognize that his globalist world view has been defeated.

Citing how David Cameron stepped down as Prime Minister in the aftermath of Brexit in 2016 and Theresa May announcing her resignation after her crushing defeat in the European Parliament elections, she urged Macron do the same.

Even if he does hang onto the presidency and refuse to resign despite the results, Le Pen suggested that the obstinate President dissolve Parliament and hold new elections as soon as possible.

“There are two main reasons: One is a European reason, and the other is on a national basis. Macron, in the early stages of the campaign, presented himself as the leader of the European Union that the French people do not want anymore,” Le Pen said

“The European Union despises the people. The European Union protects unfair competition specifically with products coming from China. And more than anything, the European Union is fully open to immigration to the European Union that will be submerged.”

She continued “The second reason is a national reason. He established some policies, specifically on a fiscal level, that are particularly unjust and unfair to the popular classes, to the common person. For the past two years, he has displayed extreme arrogance and spite for the common people and the French people in general.“

Yellow Vest protesters have been raging on in France since last year, with no end in site. Le Pen stated that although the Yellow Vest impact on the election is “difficult to assess,” the bigger picture shows that people feel disenfranchised and not represented properly in their government.

“It is difficult to assess but an essential part of our dysfunctional democracy in France which is the lack of representation of the national assembly in France,” Le Pen said. “We are the first party in France with 24 percent yesterday in the European elections, and yet our party has six members in Parliament out of 577. When democracy is so badly treated, it only can create tensions that are most likely irreversible.”

Breitbart also asked her about her anti-globalist stance:

“Globalism is a post-national spirit,” Le Pen said. “It carries a notion that borders must disappear, including the protection that such borders usually brings to a nation. It carries the concept that overwhelming markets decide about everything. This concept about globalism is pushed by technocrats that are never elected and they are the typical type of person who runs things in Brussels in the European Union. The people that believe in nations—the nationalists—it’s the exact opposite. They believe that nations are the most efficient way to protect national security, prosperity, and identity to make sure that people will prosper in the nations.”

When Breitbart posed the question about how critics of nationalism point to the dark history of this ideology in Europe to argue against it, the 50 year old stood her ground:

“The objective of the globalists is to discredit anyone who defends a nation, and to shame them or to defame them,” Le Pen said. “It’s specifically because a nation is the ground where democracy applies, where the people can decide. They do know that the people in fact do not agree with globalism.”

Over the weekend, France was not alone in electing right-wing nationalists to power in the European elections. In Italy, for instance, Matteo Salvini’s League Party won a huge victory —and Le Pen said she looks forward to working with him. In UK, the Brexit party had a major success, as did the German AfD.

She also added that it was “definitely” easier to take on globalists in Europe with Trump in the White House.

Written by Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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