Macron Hides Like a Coward As ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Rage Throughout Weekend

The ‘Yellow Vests’ are not quitting their protest movement after Macron capitulated on the fuel tax

French President Emmanuel Macron, deemed the new head of the European Union project by the mainstream media and globalist oligarchs, essentially told his people to “eat cake” when he defiantly imposed a crippling fuel tax onto the middle and working classes of France.

That may go on to be a fatal mistake for Macron, not just for his regime but for his life as well. Although Macron has surrendered on the fuel tax, the Yellow Vests remain active and enraged nonetheless. This weekend’s demonstrations from the Yellow Vest movement were the most bloody and contentious yet.

Every true American patriot’s favorite news provider, Russia Today, has the gory details on what happened in the streets of Paris on Saturday:

“The number of those detained in France’s nationwide Yellow Vest protests on Saturday, has reached a staggering 1,723. In Paris, the major hotspot of unrest, scores were injured as rallies continued even after sunset.

Film from Ruptly news agency in the capital shows police facing off with demonstrators, who vented their anger well into the late hours. The footage captured officers chasing down demonstrators and later handcuffing them.

Some of them were dragged down the road by law enforcement and placed face down while surrounded by officers. Several people wearing the now iconic yellow vests are also seen in the video with their faces covered in blood.

According to the latest figures provided by the Interior Ministry, 135 people were injured in Paris alone, while the number nationwide has risen to 264. Police also took a beating, with at least 17 officers receiving injuries in the mayhem.

With the country plunging deeper into chaos, authorities made a record number of detentions during the December 8 rallies. Data provided by Interior Minister Christophe Castaner indicates that at least 1,723 were detained and over 1,200 of them were ordered into custody. The figures topped last Saturday’s mayhem, when over 400 arrests were made.”

The mayhem in Paris was captured in video footage and can be seen here here:

And where was French President Emmanuel Macron throughout this hellscape of chaos and calamity? The supposedly strong leader of the EU project who the globalists claim has the balls to put Trump in his place was hiding like a scared little bitch.

“The President of the Republic will … make important announcements,” French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said in a television address to the French people on Sunday.

“However, not all the problems of the ‘yellow vest’ protesters will be solved by waving a magic wand,” he added.

The closest thing to a “magic wand” in this situation would be the immediate resignation and subsequent exile of Macron. But the arrogant haughty entitled leader isn’t likely to step down any time soon, and that may ultimately mean a return of the guillotine in France as they party like it’s 1789!

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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