London’s Muslim Mayor To Allow Blimp Portraying Trump As Baby During Official Visit

Sadiq Khan approves 20ft “Trump Baby” blimp to fly over the city

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has approved the display of a 20ft blimp that portrays President Donald Trump as a baby ahead of his official visit to the United Kingdom on Thursday, a major act of disrespect to our commander-in-chief.

Former Celebrity Apprentice winner and host of Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan criticized the grotesque display during an in-studio interview with the London Mayor.

“If this president was Barack Obama and someone came to you with a crowdfunded plan because they didn’t agree with his drone strike policy … and they wanted to fly a giant, 20 foot, black baby of Obama topless in a nappy would you have endorsed that?” Morgan asked. “Would you have endorsed an image of you as a pig, which is very offensive to Muslims?”

Khan remained firm in his defense of the blimp.

“It’s not for me to be the censor, it’s asking whether it’s peaceful and if it’s safe. It’s a hypothetical case,” he replied. “If it’s peaceful and it’s safe, yes.”

Other British allies of the President also expressed their disappointment at the provocative display.

Philip Davies, one of a small number of British MPs openly supporting Trump, said, “[Khan] seems to be more interested in sidling up to Labour groups like Momentum than delivering on the best for the British economy.”

Momentum is a militant far-left organization aligned with the Labour Party’s communist leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has gained ground in recent months.

“This is the biggest insult to a sitting U.S. President ever,” noted former UKIP leader and talk radio host Nigel Farage. “Would this be happening if it was Obama? Makes London look ridiculous.”

Under Khan’s rule, the murder rate in London has soared to the point it is now higher than New York. Knife crime is at an all time high, as are acid attacks. Many parts of the city are now radical Muslim-dominated “no-go zones”, which even the police are scared to patrol. In an effort to distract Londoners from the rapid descent of their city into third world status, Khan has often publicly attacked the U.S. President.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the managing editor of The Schpiel.


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