John Kerry’s Sabotage In Iran Borders On Treason

President Trump has this disgraced hack in his cross hairs because of his subversive behavior

Former Senator John Kerry was the Secretary of State under former President Obama, but hasn’t given up conducting “diplomacy” even after being fired. He met with the Iranian PM recently, a move that angered President Donald Trump greatly.

Kerry fired back at Trump during an appearance on ABC’s The View. Kerry told the cackling hens on that show that Trump “should be more worried about Paul Manafort meeting with Robert Mueller than me meeting with Iran’s PM.”

“If you want to learn something about the nuclear agreement that made the world safer, buy my new book, Every Day Is Extra,” Kerry said in a Tweet, desperate to plug his book that is soon to be on dollar racks everywhere nationwide.

Trump’s administration members are equally peeved about Kerry’s seditious and borderline treasonous moves.

“What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly, and unprecedented,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a press briefing on Friday. “You can’t find precedent for this in U.S. history. And secretary ought not to, Secretary Kerry ought not to engage in that kind of behavior. It’s inconsistent with what the foreign policy of the United States is as directed by this president. And it is beyond inappropriate for him to be engaged.”

Prominent American patriots also pilloried Kerry on Twitter over his self-serving actions.

Trump ought to consider bringing up Kerry on charges under the Logan Act, which prevents any sort of negotiations between unauthorized personnel and a hostile foreign power.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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