Italian Jewish Leader: Jews Must Help Matteo Salvini Stand With Israel!

Salvini has been painted as an extremist and an anti-semite, but those are baseless slurs

The leader of the umbrella Jewish community organization in Italy has come out in favor of right-wing nationalist leader Matteo Salvini, telling Jews throughout the country to work with him to make Italy great again while also helping the state of Israel remain strong.

“I don’t want to make the equation [between Jews and immigrant minorities]. Jews have been persecuted, and are very careful and care about humanitarian and minority issues,” said Noemi Di Segni, a prominent leader of Jews in Italy.

“Jews have been persecuted all over, in Europe and Arab countries. Because Jewish people suffered, we are particularly following these issues. But we need to build the relationship with this government,” Di Segni said.

“We need to work with this government and they need to know Jews are in Italy for 2,000 years, are a very structured and institutionalized reality in Italy, and that their heart is in Israel and we want to defend Israel but we need also to defend and promote Italian culture in Italy, understand that antisemitism is also in the far right neo fascist groupings, and ensure that in Europe Jews can live freely and continue to develop their culture,” she added.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called Salvini a “great friend to Israel” publicly, and Salvini recently finished touring the Jewish state. He is a devoted supporter of Zionism and believes that the agenda of ejecting migrants from Europe helps the Jewish nation as well.

“The growing anti-Semitism goes together with Islamic extremism, to which no one is paying attention.” Salvini said while being questioned in a hostile manner by the press. He added, “I don’t have to justify myself every time I go to Israel.”

Right-wing populism may not just save Europe, but also save Israel as well. Netanyahu is firming bonds with Salvini as well as Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Sebastian Kurz of Austria and other strong conservative leaders rising in opposition to corporate globalism. These developments bode very well for the future of the West!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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