Israel Takes Out ISIS In Syria

Seven armed ISIS terrorists were shot and killed as they approached the Syrian border.

Largely because of the work of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, ISIS is now 98 percent out of commission in the Middle East. What was once the gravest threat to our safety and freedom is now an afterthought, and Israel may have put the final nails into their coffin as they sent seven ISIS terrorists to the grave yesterday.

The Israeli army claims that these ISIS terrorists were within 200 meters of the border when they attacked them. The group was attempting to abdicate from their ongoing fight against the Assad regime, which has fallen apart in recent years after Trump pulled the plug on an Obama-era policy arming terrorist rebels in Syria.

In addition, the Jordanian military also struck ISIS terrorists who were spotted around the border of Jordan and Syria on Thursday. This came after the Syrian government announced they were after ISIS terrorists who had been dispersed from villages overtaken by the Assad regime on Monday.

The Russians are still in Syria to push-back against ISIS and other hostile terror groups in the country as well. Military police are deployed on the Syrian-held Golan Heights and will establish up to eight observation posts to watch for threats. ISIS is clearly on the run, and it does not seem like they are in the position to regain their foothold in the region anytime soon.

Former President Obama once called the battle against ISIS a “generational struggle,” but only a few years later, ISIS is all but dispatched due to the heroic work of the Israelis, Russians, Syrians and US forces. President Trump once called Obama the “founder of ISIS” and his bold assertion may not be far from the truth, as it becomes obvious that Obama was propping up the anti-American terror group with his foreign policy.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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