Israel Helped Build Patriotic Alliance Between Trump And Orban

Israeli Premier opened doors for Hungarian conservative leader in Washington

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has helped considerably to strengthen Hungary’s ties with the United States over the last year, a report by Axios suggests.

A senior Israeli official told the outlet that Netanyahu has spent the last year trying to “open doors” for the conservative-populist Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, in the United States.

Israeli Ambassador to the United States and other leading figures within the Israeli foreign ministry, run directly by Netanyahu, headed up the effort to improve ties once Donald Trump ascended to the presidency.

“The message we gave to everyone who was willing to listen was that the relations with Hungary are very important and that Israel would want to see U.S.-Hungarian ties getting warmer,” the official said.

The outreach project quickly yielded dividends, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo breaking a six year diplomatic deadlock with Hungary in May by meeting Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, just weeks after Hungary blocked an EU resolution by French President Emmanuel Macron condemning Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The Hungarians subsequently “thanked” the Israelis for their assistance, according to Barak Ravid of Israel’s Channel 10 News.

Orban was the subject of criticism from leading globalists in the United States during the Obama era. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) accused him of being a “neo-fascist dictator” and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton alleged that he was undermining democracy, despite the fact that Orban has won numerous internationally certified democratic elections. Their baseless accusations echoed the extensive efforts by leftist billionaire George Soros to undermine Orban’s legitimate government.

Orban also came under fire from the Obama administration for his close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, ignoring the fact that such relations were necessary as a result of Hungary’s geographical proximity to Russia. Unlike most of our so-called allies, Hungary under Orban has committed to paying the 2% of GDP on defense required from NATO members.

Israel boasts the most powerful foreign lobby in Washington, allowing other nations with friendly ties to the Jewish state to utilize this diplomatic avenue to improve their own standing with the United States. In recent months, Israel has also successfully pushed for an opening between the United States and Russia.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the editor of The Schpiel.


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