Israel Expresses Skepticism Toward US-Backed Coup In Venezuela

Trump administration may be repeating the same failed regime change formula that caused mayhem in Iraq, Libya, and other nations

US President Donald Trump isn’t a pawn of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, but perhaps he should be. In that case, Trump’s foreign policy would be much more coherent!

Instead, Trump relies on neoconservative bums from the past for foreign policy guidance. Bush-era thugs John Bolton and Elliot Abrams, enabled by clueless Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, wormed their way into the White House, and they are running the show when it comes to the Venezuelan coup attempt. Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, is agitating constantly on social media against the fledgling Maduro regime.

Abrams, disgraced Iran/Contra criminal of the Reagan era who then helped plot the Iraq War under George W. Bush, is now in charge of Venezuelan affairs despite being a vociferous Never Trumper who wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House. These bizarre developments beg the following question: Does Trump even know what is going on within his own administration?

The United States’ greatest ally, Israel, is skeptical about America’s involvement in Venezuela for very salient reasons that Trump needs to take into consideration. The Times of Israel reports:

The Trump administration has reportedly asked Israel to publicly back the US attempt to force the resignation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and throw support behind opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has declared himself interim president.

However, Jerusalem is said to be stalling on an announcement amid concerns the Maduro regime could respond with measures that could imperil members of the Venezuelan Jewish community.

Israeli officials told Channel 13 news that State Department officials made the request to diplomats at the embassy in Washington DC on Thursday, and that other US allies who have yet to declare their support for either side have also been asked to issue statements of support for Guaido.

According to the outlet, Foreign Ministry officials will meet in Jerusalem on Sunday to discuss the request and draft a recommendation for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will then have to decide whether Israel will join its Western allies in support of Guaido, or maintain its silence.

It is not just the Jewish community of Venezuela who is threatened by the coup, as the entire population of the beleaguered nation is in grave danger because of these developments as well. While it cannot be denied that socialist ruler Nicolas Maduro’s regime is collapsing, foreign powers entering the mix only further complicates matters.

There is even evidence that the meddling of Bolton and Abrams is rallying support on behalf of the crumbling socialist regime.

“They cannot invent that Venezuela and Maduro have [weapons of mass destruction] so they could intervene, they now invent lies every day, false news to justify an aggression against our country,” Maduro said about the US-backed coup attempt.

“If the government of the United States intends to intervene us, they will have a much worse Vietnam than you could imagine,” Maduro added.

Because of the plotting of the likes of Bolton and Abrams, Maduro’s regime could be strengthened or even supplanted by something worse if the chosen puppet, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Guaido, cannot be instilled successfully. Trump should put America First, fire Bolton and Abrams, and quit meddling in Venezuela before another Libya occurs!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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