Iran Goes Unhinged, Compares Trump To Hitler

Even though their economy is falling apart, Iran remains belligerent toward the United States

President Donald Trump stood up to Iran and nullified the lopsided deal that his clueless or malevolent predecessor established. Since then, Iran has experienced a great deal of economic turmoil due to sanctions levied upon them by the United States. They remain belligerent despite their predicament.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday. He defended comments from Iranian Prime Minister Hassan Rouhani comparing Trump’s mindset to that of the Nazis.

“Well I mean- the xenophobic tendencies that he has exhibited, the wall, the Muslim ban – ban on Iranians traveling to the United States. All of these are.. reminiscent of the type of mentality,” Zarif said.

Apparently Iran and other Muslim-dominated countries feel they should be entitled to the United States, their resources and their hospitality. Furthermore, Zarif criticized Trump’s hardline stance against the Islamic dictatorship.

“Iranians cannot come here to the United States to see their kids and grandkids. We have received negative response from the United States government. The current government… unreasonably destroyed… an agreement that had been worked on for so many years,” Zarif said.

He was also careful to play the victim, talking about how butthurt he and the rest of the regime are because of President Trump’s taunts. DJT is living in their heads rent free.

“President Trump in his televised statements has insulted the Iranians. He called the entire Iranian people a terrorist nation. He called us an outlaw nation. You don’t take that lightly,” Zarif said.

Rouhani, Zarif and the rest of the Iranian snowflakes need to man up. Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un once exchanged epithets over social media but are now the best of friends working hand-in-hand for peace. This is because both men – strong, secure leaders with large hands and other appendages – have a mutual respect that the Muslim despots of Iran simply haven’t earned.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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