How Poland Is Crushing It With Trump

U.S.-Polish ties stronger than ever with over $33 billion in new contracts and aircraft acquisitions

During a joint press conference on Wednesday at the White House, President Trump met Polish President Andrzej Duda where the two signed a new defense agreement that would see the United States move 1,000 of its troops from Germany to Poland.

While American and Polish officials are still discussing the idea of a permanent base, which would most likely require congressional approval, they have worked to strengthen their military partnership in other ways.

“Since our last meeting, the unbreakable bonds between the United States and Poland have grown even closer. The U.S.-Polish alliance is stronger, by far than ever before”, Trump said.

In the past year, Poland has signed approximately $25 billion worth of new contracts with U.S. firms to buy more than 6 billion cubic meters of U.S. liquefied natural gas. Both nations signed another contract on Wednesday for an additional 2 billion cubic meters worth approximately
$8 billion.

Duda expressed his gratitude siting President Trump’s “extreme kindness toward Poland and perfect understanding of Polish matters, concerning (their) security and military cooperation”.

Poland’s burden-sharing also extends to the NATO alliance, where it is among 8 NATO allies, including the United States, currently meeting the minimum 2 percent of GDP that’s for defense spending totaling more than $100 billion more towards the defense.

Last month, Poland also announced the intent to purchase 32 American-made F-35 fighter aircraft. “So between the planes and the liquefied natural gas, and many other things, Poland is doing very, very well”, Trump continued.

“I hope that we continue to have a great relationship with Poland and with Russia, China, North Korea, and many countries but we are in no hurry, the sanctions are still on. We are going to get along with a lot of countries that weren’t respecting us and were ripping us off and they won’t be ripping us off anymore.”

Written by Sivan Hadari

Sivan Hadari is the White House Correspondent for The Schpiel.


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