Friendly Fire: Marine Le Pen Attacks Jair Bolsonaro

She is cucking herself to win favor amongst the French, but this weakness will backfire

Ever since she lost the Presidential election to reviled globalist Emmanuel Macron last year, Marine Le Pen has attempted to moderate herself and her political stances even as right-wing populists make massive gains the world over.

Le Pen’s desperation to temper herself and avoid being seen as an extremist even caused her to attack Jair Bolsonaro, the macho populist who is likely to take over as Brazil’s President.

“I do not see Mr. Bolsonaro as a far-right candidate,” Le Pen said. “He says extreme things, unpleasant things which are insurmountable in France.”

Le Pen leads the Rassemblement National, which was a re-brand from Front National. She kicked her father Jean out of the party he created and has strained relations with her niece Marion over her shift politically. Le Pen also attacked Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon recently, as she continues her move to the center.

“Mr. Bannon is not from any European country, he is American,” Le Pen said. “We are attached to our liberty, attached to our sovereignty and we together, the representatives of the different peoples of Europe, are the ones who will shape the political forces that aim specifically to save Europe.”

The liberal media, including the Soros-funded outlet ThinkProgress, are seizing on this news to show discord amongst the right-wing. Le Pen’s cucking plays right into their hands. They wrote:

“While Le Pen did raise the issue of Brazil’s endemic crime rate, she shied away from any sort of direct endorsement of Bolsonaro or Bolsonaro’s policies, saying she respected the sovereignty of the Brazilian people.

Brazil’s final round of election voting, which is scheduled for October 28, is the most contentious the country has seen in decades for two reasons. First, there is growing fury at the governing establishment for its corruption, a grueling recession which left nearly 14 million unemployed, and the aforementioned rampant crime rate.

Second, there is a genuine fear of Bolsonaro’s outright fascist rhetoric. He’s described a congresswoman as too ugly to rape, said police should be given a license to indiscriminately kill whoever they think is a criminal, vowed to let miners do whatever they want to the Amazon, and most recently described his electoral rival Fernando Haddad with a homophobic slur.”

It might be time to put Marine out to pasture before she does more to damage the right-wing cause of France. Her lovely niece, Marion appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. earlier this year. Perhaps she should be the face of the anti-globalist resistance of France because it seems her aunt is no longer up to the task.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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