France: Salvini Is ‘Like Pontius Pilate’ For Protecting Italy From Migrants

The globalists are getting more desperate and pathetic as they attempt to stop the spread of populist right-wing nationalism across Europe

Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini has the globalists losing their marbles on a daily basis. For standing up for his nation and his people, Salvini was recently compared to Pontius Pilate, the man who sentenced Jesus Christ to crucifixion, by a French official.

“Mr Salvini today, he’s like Pontius Pilate. It’s obscene,” French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau said to RTL radio, according to a Reuters report.

This came after French President Emmanuel Macron declared that Italy has “decided to no longer follow international law, in particular humanitarian maritime law.” This is clearly a coordinated attack from the globalist regime of France against Italy for re-asserting its national sovereignty and rejecting the European Union plan to devastate Europe with waves of subsidized third-world invaders from Muslim sh-thole countries.

Salvini fired back by pointing out the hypocrisy of Macron and his underlings. He noted that France rejected over 50,000 migrants who were turned away from Italy.

“We do not accept lessons on rights or humanity from Mr. Macron,” Salvini said in a prepared response.

Salvini almost seems to revel in pissing off the corrupt globalists who have allowed Europe to nearly fall to pieces under their watch. He is working closely with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to obstruct the mass immigration agenda of globalists like Macron.

“It is clear that today a strong opposition is building up between nationalists and progressives and I will yield nothing to nationalists and those who advocate hate speech,” Macron said last month.

“So if they wanted to see me as their main opponent, they were right to do so,” Macron added.

Macron’s anti-nationalist, pro-globalist stances are not paying off though, and he has emerged as one of the world’s least popular leaders as a result. Recent polling shows that Macron’s approval rating has sunk to an embarrassing low of 29 percent. His popularity rating has dropped a stunning 10 percentage points in less than two months.

Perhaps Macron can go cry to his elderly mom-wife over his political woes… or he could just man up, tell the globalists to screw off, join leaders like Orban and Salvini, and actually stand up for his people. Fat chance of that ever happening!

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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