Farage’s Brexit Party Set To Join FAR RIGHT Bloc In EU Parliament

The populist fire rises, and the cheeky bloke Farage is gaining Thanos-levels of raw power.

Brexit Party founder Nigel Farage slapped the hides of his political opponents in the European parliamentary elections this past weekend, and his victory will have serious ramifications for globalist traitors.

After slapping this party together a few weeks back or so, they immediately gained momentum and destroyed the opposition. The establishment cuck parties, Labour and Conservative, took it the hardest from Farage who refused to use an ounce of lube when delivering his shellacking.

The Guardian talked about the deal-making Farage is up to after his big win:

Nigel Farage’s Brexit party has been in talks to join the far-right group in the European parliament and is keeping its options open about its future allies, a spokesman for the party has said.

The talks between the Brexit party and Italy’s far-right League were first revealed by Marco Zanni, a League MEP, who said talks were going well and could be wrapped up next week.

He told La Repubblica newspaper: “Yes, the talks [with Farage] went very well, we hope to wrap things up next week. We’re at a good point. Obviously he has to say that he has more [than one] option, but it’s a good agreement and would be beneficial for us all to be together.”

But the Brexit party played down Zanni’s remarks, saying Farage wanted to maintain a separate Eurosceptic grouping, the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD).

A spokesman for Farage confirmed a meeting had taken place. “Yes, Nigel met former EFDD group member Marco Zanni MEP yesterday in public in Place du Luxembourg [next to the European parliament in Brussels] and had a coffee. Farage is working to maintain EFDD. He has lots of meetings today and next week.”

Asked whether Farage would rule out joining the Salvini group, the spokesman said: “We will keep our options open. Our first priority is to maintain the group, but we are speaking to all parties and we are keeping our options open.”

He said Farage was also in talks with Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S), the Brexit party’s current ally in the European parliament. “We haven’t ruled anybody out.”

Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister, hopes to bring Farage and his Brexit party MEPs into a far-right grouping that already includes Le Pen’s National Rally, Austria’s Freedom party and Belgium’s Vlaams Belang. The Finns party and the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) are also expected to join.

While the group does little EU work, it has a common agenda of hostility to immigrants and foreigners. With Salvini at the interior ministry, Italy has turned away boats carrying people rescued at sea, and announced measures to discriminate against late-night grocery stores, which are often run by immigrants.

The waves of disease-plagued low IQ migrants, exposed recently in the documentary Borderless by pure-as-the-driven-snow Canadian tradthot goddess Lauren Southern, may not destroy Europe yet. Globalism is falling apart before the replacement plan can be finished, and the fire of nationalism rises in its wake!

Farage – joined by Matteo Salvini of Italy as well as Viktor Orban of Hungary, Marine Le Pen of France, and many others – intend to re-establish order throughout the West through illiberal means. This weekend was just the beginning. The pedo-Marxists in Brussels must be shaking in their trousers!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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