Farage Advising Trump On Brexit

Brexit leader’s call to Trump prompted U.S. backlash to May’s bad deal

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is advising U.S. President Donald Trump on Brexit, a recent Buzzfeed report has claimed.

According to the report, Farage spoke to the President recently as just the latest in a number of regular calls between the two men, in order to advise him on how to approach British Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest Brexit deal, which has been widely panned by Brexit supporters as a betrayal of the groundbreaking 2016 referendum vote, and undermines the prospect of trade between the United Kingdom and the United States.

Farage confirmed the report on Thursday to LBC’s Theo Underwood.

“You will not be surprised to hear we spoke about Brexit and the state of play,” Farage said. “I did say it was ‘shaping up to be the worst deal in history.”

“I gave my, well not opinion, but fact, that any prospect of a trade deal between the UK and the USA – even a glimmer until at least 2022, which is of course six years after we voted to leave and would be half way through his second term,” he added.

Trump blasted the Brexit deal while talking to reporters on Tuesday.

“Sounds like a great deal for the EU. I think we have to take a look at seriously whether or not the UK is allowed to trade because you know right now, if you look at the deal they may not be able to trade with us. That wouldn’t be a good thing,” the President said.

“I don’t think they meant that, I don’t think the prime minister meant that and hopefully she’ll be able to do something about that but right now as the deal stands they may not be able to trade with the US and I don’t think they want that at all, that would be a very big negative for the deal.”

Although Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy doctrine typically rejects unnecessary intervention into the internal affairs of foreign nations, important U.S. trade interests are clearly at stake in this situation. Furthermore, Trump deserves plaudits for giving a voice to those dissidents in the United Kingdom concerned about this deal’s subversion of democracy.

Written by Eduardo Rivero

Eduardo Rivero is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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