EU AUTHORITARIANISM: European Parliament Members Exclude French Patriots

Despite A Historic Win Against Globalism In The EU Elections, Le Pen’s Party Is Being Shut Out Of Power

French stateswoman Marine Le Pen’s nationalist/populist party, National Rally (formerly National Front), may be shut out of appointments that its members are entitled to under the rules of the European Parliament due to an Orwellian custom designed to exclude parties designated as “far right.”

The “cordon sanitaire” refers to a practice wherein a sufficient number of MEPs collude to exclude a party that they deem too “extreme” from receiving the parliamentary positions they would otherwise be entitled to under the body’s complex d’Hondt rule, which is meant to ensure a fair distribution of power based on democratic outcomes.

The group targeted is Identity and Democracy, a coalition of MEPs which includes France’s RN and Italy’s League, the party of the popular nationalist leader Matteo Salvini. The action cited as evidence of the RN’s “extremism” is their MEPs remaining seated during the EU anthem, while those from the British Brexit party turned their backs. This, apparently, was enough to convince other MEPs that the “cordon sanitaire” was justified.

In reality, of course, the very presence of genuine Euroskeptic parties representing grassroots anger with the tyrannical elitism of the globalist EU is resented by the institution. It certainly begs the question, however, whether there is any form of genuine dissent which the Eurocrats would not brand as “extreme.”

Another interesting question is why the rule is designed to exclude only “far right” parties, not far left.

The National Rally dealt the EU’s globalists a humiliating defeat in the parliamentary elections when it came ahead of the party of France’s president and neoliberal darling, Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild investment banker whose cruelty and arrogance toward his own people have given birth to the Yellow Vest movement, a grassroots popular revolt which has now been continuing for over 7 months, despite violent police repression and a virtual blackout from the journalist class worldwide.

However, every single move from the globalists confirms that they have absolutely no intention of easing up their tyranny on the people. The IMF, which until very recently was headed by Frenchwoman Christine Lagarde who will likely transfer to lead the European Central Bank, has urged Macron to continue implementing policies which punish the people for the failures of neoliberalism and not acquiesce to the demands of the Yellow Vests. Lagarde’s new appointment, meanwhile, carries an implicit vow to continue the same globalist agenda using the ECB.

Meanwhile, the “center”-left candidate for the presidency of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, has a dystopic globalist vision which calls the literal destruction of Europe a “matter of destiny” through forced diversity and systemic oppression of liberty.

It is clear that the international globalist class is not backing down from its war against the people. It remains to be seen whether patriots such as those in the National Rally and the Brexit Party will rise to the struggle.

Written by Kris Malysz

Kris Malysz is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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