Erdogan: “Infamous Hungarian Jew” Soros “Sends People Across The World To Divide And Tear Up Nations”

Erdogan forces Soros’ Open Society Foundation out of his country

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called out the subversive billionaire financier and “infamous Hungarian Jew” George Soros for his attempts to undermine Turkey, leading the shady saboteur to quickly pull his operations out of the country.

Erdogan began his speech by targeting Osman Kavala, a globalist lackey who funded the Gezi Park protests against the Turkish government in 2013, but was thankfully later arrested.

“There is a person who financed the terrorists in the Gezi events. Now he is behind bars.”

However, Erdogan then made clear that Kavala was only the “representative in Turkey” of a much darker and more insidious puppeteer.

“And who is behind him? The infamous Hungarian Jew Soros!” Erdogan declared. “This person sends people across the world to divide and tear up nations, and uses the large amount of money he possesses to this effect.”

The phrase “Jew Soros” quickly went viral on Twitter in Turkey, as Erdogan’s numerous supporters identified their enemy.

Within days, one of Soros’ other top operatives in Turkey, Hakan Altinay, was among 13 renegades arrested for plotting against the lawful government.

Once it became clear that he was exposed, Soros then moved to immediately shut it down, with his front organization, the Open Society Foundation, announcing an end to its operations in Turkey, while claiming that a link between their activities and protests in Turkey was “outside reality”.

Erdogan has increasingly aligned himself with a variety of patriotic anti-establishment movements across the world, including Viktor Orban’s Hungary, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela and the revolutionary Islamic government in Iran. The governments of Hungary, Russia, Italy, Poland and Romania have accused Soros of funding subversive groups in their respective countries in order to promote his deceitful agenda.

Written by Eduardo Rivero

Eduardo Rivero is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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