Egypt Extends Emergency As ISIS Insurgency Rages On

Military Campaign In Restive Sinai Peninsula Continues

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Egyptian parliament just approved a Presidential decree extending the ‘state of emergency’ by three months, in response to an ISIS insurgency.

The North African country is facing an ongoing threat by militants in the Sinai Peninsula, which has seen attacks on both security personnel and civilians alike.

The first three-month nationwide state of emergency was declared by President Abdel-Fatteh El Sisi in April 2017 in response to ISIS bombing two churches in the northern part of the country that killed almost 50 people. This emergency has been extended nine times.

The emergency decree grants military and police personnel more power to deal with political opponents, militants and what they perceive to be security threats.

Under the current constitution, presidential decisions to renew a emergency state must be approved by parliament.

Written by Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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