Duterte Threatens Martial Law

Ending Drug Problem Is A Huge Priority For The Punisher

Philippines president, Rodrigo R. Duterte could declare martial law, assume emergency powers or set up a revolutionary government as a last resort to solve the country’s worsening drug crisis, his spokesman, Salvador Panelo said on Monday.

During a speech in the city of Leyte on Friday, Duterte strongly hinted this: “Do not force me to declare war, because I have something else. I have a card which I can throw anytime. And you won’t like it. But at least it will give a sense of order.”

On Monday, Mr. Duterte expressed his desire for constitutional change, adding that the military has found that rampant government corruption hinders the ongoing ‘War on drugs.’

Mr. Duterte placed the Southern island of Mindanao under martial law in 2017 after extremists linked to ISIS attacked Marawi City, leaving about 100 people dead and displacing thousands following clashes with the army.

Panelo has suggested that martial law would actually boost the economy by making things safer for foreign investors.

Written by Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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