Disgraced Obama Official Susan Rice Condemns Trump And Israel

National Security Advisor Rice criticizes Trump’s principled stance on Saudi-Canada dispute

Disgraced Obama-era National Security Advisor Susan Rice has condemned U.S. President Donald Trump and his foreign policy in a Thursday op-ed for the New York Times.

She started by describing Trump as “the autocrats’ best friend” and accusing him of “abdication of American moral leadership” by not backing Canada in its highly unnecessary ongoing dispute with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

She then hinted at a bizarre conspiracy theory that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman may be blackmailing President in some way.

“For reasons that remain unclear, President Trump has signaled to the crown prince (who is likely to lead the kingdom for decades) that America is at his service,” Rice wrote.

She even went so far as to insult Israel, lumping it in with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries as “autocratic friends” of Trump, clearly implying that Israel, the Middle East’s sole democracy, was actually an autocracy.

“The United States has rolled over and played dead while they do whatever they please,” Rice said of Israel.

Of course, Susan Rice’s comments are deeply hypocritical, given the autocratic bent of the very administration she served under. President Barack Obama openly promoted a cult of personality, declaring himself the messiah of a “Joshua generation” who would lead the American people to the “Promised land”. His administration routinely used the IRS to persecute political opposition groups, while running guns to brutal paramilitary drug cartels south of the border.

Worse still, Rice herself was exposed as being at the very heart of a covert intelligence operation targeting Trump’s presidential campaign and transition team in 2016, which involved the secret wiretapping of senior Trump officials Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. With a record like hers, she is certainly in no place to make accusations against our President, whom even her own son has come out in support of.

Her remarks lend credence to a theory proposed by Saudi journalist Muhammad Al-Sa’ed in Okaz, a leading daily newspaper in the Kingdom, suggesting that the Canadian regime is now serving as a mouthpiece of subversive American left-wing elements that were driven out of the U.S. by President Trump.

“The ‘leftist’ axis repositioned itself and found refuge in the Canadian government, as a substitute for Washington following Hillary Clinton’s loss [to Donald Trump],” Al-Sa’ed noted.

Written by Daniel Weissman

Daniel Weissman is the editor of The Schpiel.


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