Can’t Barrage The Farage

‘Mr Brexit,’ Nigel Farage slams the BBC and calls them the “enemy” following his explosive interview with Andrew Marr

The Brexit Party leader was quizzed by BBC host Andrew Marr on what he thought about global warming, Vladimir Putin and the NHS during his interview on the show. Outraged by the questions Mr. Farage said he had never seen an interview more “ridiculous” in his life. Mr. Farage told PoliticsHome: “The BBC are now the enemy.”

After being asked about gun regulations being scaled back and the NHS – Mr. Farage responded with anger.

He said: “Here we are with one of the biggest changes in politics that has ever occurred and you’re not even interested! What is wrong with the BBC?”

“I’ve been going around the country speaking at packed rallies every night and do you know who is not there? The BBC.”

In a poll released Sunday – Mr. Farage is predicted to win 49 seats in the general election.
That is bigger than the 2 main parties – Labor and Tories combined.

Following questions about Vladimir Putin, Farage quipped: “You haven’t asked about a single other member of the Brexit Party.”

“This is absolutely ludicrous, I’ve never in my life faced such a ridiculous interview” he said.

The Brexit advocate claimed the BBC was trying to ignore his recent successes by nitpicking comments and micro-aggressions from the past and responded “what is the relevance of this?”

He refused to apologize for prior comments on climate change and migrants with HIV should be banned, a deflective tactic used by the BBC.

The interview ended with Farage shaking his head as Marr thanked him.

Written by Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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